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Angela understands the sentimentality of fabric and how a pattern, a design, the colours can evoke memories and take you back to a time, to a place and how it can preserve a memory or a moment. It may be an old dress from your childhood or one of your own child’s. It may be part of a bedspread, a handkerchief, something you have found in a flea market, anything … Any piece can be incorporated into your own bespoke cloth doll in the unique style of Darcy & Flo combining new or vintage textiles, trimmings and buttons.

You may be getting married and may want a doll for each of your bridesmaids using the beautiful fabrics from your day. They would make such a unique gift that truly says thank you. Or you might be looking for that unusual christening present for a very special child. Get in touch with Angela and she can design a bespoke doll for you and your occasion:

Bespoke dolls take between 4 – 8 weeks depending on their complexity. You will be given an estimated date of delivery when discussing your order.

Prices start at £75. Contact me on to discuss your ideas

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